Our Story

Rip Off Contractors is a bipartisan website that was started to warn consumers about unscrupulous contractors. These are true stories and backed up with evidence. We do not endorse any organisation, contractors, or state and federal agencies. All we do is just report on bad contractors based on tips from other consumers or from articles that read that were published in magazine, newspapers, and online. Once we received a tip from one of our readers we do our own research before reporting any information to make sure it is accurate.

If you have a tip on a bad contractor, please go to our Contact Us page and fill out the contact form.  For any contractors listed here that do not like it, too bad, be more honest and do good work then you’ll have nothing to worry about. Do not threaten us, we have good lawyers. Plus, we will then also share any threats so people can continue to see what a great piece of work you are!

Thank you for visiting our website!